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Deep Foods Indian Kitchen (Ready to Eat Snacks)

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Channa Dal Cocktail Samosas
Delhi Samosas
Spinach Paneer Samosas
Cocktail Vegetable Spring Rolls
Vada for Dahi Vada
Chhole Puff Pastry
Corn & Capsicum Puff Pastry
Potato & Onion Puff Pastry
Paneer Masala Puff Pastry
Aloo Tikki
Crispy Tandoori Paneer Nuggets
Crispy Kadhai Paneer Nuggets
Crispy Vege Masala Nuggets
Potato Cheese Bites
Batata Vada
Potato & Pea Samosas
Chicken Tikka Samosas
Margherita Naan Pizza
Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza
Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza
Eggplant Naan Pizza
Amdavad Bhakri Pizza
Spicy Veggie Burgers
Veggie Masala Burger
Vada Pav
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A Big Family With Big Flavor
We’re an Indian-American family on a mission to share the best of India’s culture with everyone, starting with convenient experiences of the range of flavors in our homestyle Indian recipes

Deeper than you Think
You thought we stood for the deep end of the pool? Nope. We’re deeper than that. We always get asked why the “e” in our logo is turned backward and what the lamp on our logo is all about. Well, the word “Deep” in India actually means “light,” “lamp,” or “enlightenment.” We believe each of us has a light to shine to help guide each other toward good (and delicious) things. This idea is what lights our way every day..

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Channa Dal Cocktail Samosas, Delhi Samosas, Spinach Paneer Samosas, Cocktail Vegetable Spring Rolls, Vada for Dahi Vada, Chhole Puff Pastry, Corn & Capsicum Puff Pastry, Potato & Onion Puff Pastry, Paneer Masala Puff Pastry, Aloo Tikki, Crispy Tandoori Paneer Nuggets, Crispy Kadhai Paneer Nuggets, Crispy Vege Masala Nuggets, Potato Cheese Bites, Batata Vada, Potato & Pea Samosas, Chicken Tikka Samosas, Margherita Naan Pizza, Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza, Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza, Eggplant Naan Pizza, Amdavad Bhakri Pizza, Spicy Veggie Burgers, Veggie Masala Burger, Vada Pav


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